Attention Netgalley & Other Book Publicity Groups

If I have specifically requested a book from you, I have every intention of reviewing it in a timely manner. I may no longer accept direct requests for reviews, but I am still an avid reader and on occasion like to request for review new books I think I will enjoy.

Attention Authors Seeking Reviews

I've loved every minute of running The Hope Chest Reviews for the past six years. During that time, a lot has changed for me. I'm now a published author myself, and unfortunately find that my time is being split in too many directions. After careful consideration, I've made the difficult decision to begin winding down some of my reviewing activities so that I can concentrate more fully on my novel writing. Going forward, I'll no longer be accepting any direct requests for book reviews. It's been a pleasure working with all of you who have entrusted me with reviewing your books. Even if I never had the chance to work with you, I wish every author all the best. May the muses bless you with an abundance of story ideas.

 Attention Readers

I may be a published writer now, but I'm still an avid reader too. For that reason, The Hope Chest Reviews will continues to operate indefinitely and time permitting, I will still bring you the same thoughtful reviews of the books I read that I've always provided.

Welcome to The Hope Chest Reviews where we endeavor to bring you quality book reviews. Here at The Hope Chest Reviews, we hold ourselves to a high standard, by guaranteeing that every book reviewed has been personally read by the reviewer, in its entirety. This is the best way we know of to be as objective as possible in our reviewing process. While we always do our best to conform to a professional standard, we are not professional reviewers, just average everyday consumers like those we hope will be visiting our site. As such, we hope that our visitors will find the site pleasant and easy to navigate, as well as down-to-earth and helpful in making their reading and book buying choices.

As ordinary consumers, we have sometimes been frustrated by the lack of quality descriptions and/or reviews on older books. Therefore, we prefer to give our readers a wider variety, instead of focusing exclusively on the latest and most popular ones. Our specialty is Romance, but we have many books to choose from in other categories as well. Our interests are wide-ranging, so as our site grows and changes, we hope to eventually have a little something for everyone. New reviews will be added weekly, so please visit often. We hope that you enjoy your experience here at The Hope Chest Reviews, and that you will bookmark our page and tell your friends and family about us if you find our reviews helpful.

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