2009 Glendale Chocolate Affaire

On February 7th, I attended the 2009 Glendale Chocolate Affaire, where I had the pleasure of meeting nineteen romance authors. Some have been writing for years and have already gathered a large fan following while others have just seen their first books published, but all were very gracious in taking the time to talk with me about themselves and their work. Collectively, this group of authors have penned an eclectic mix of dozens of romance novels in a wide variety of sub-genres and settings. There should be a little something for everyone represented here. Below, I've put together a scrapbook of the event which I hope my readers will enjoy.



Vicki Lewis Thompson

Vicki Lewis Thompson is the author of over 80 romance novels and novellas. She is probably best-known for her Nerd series, a popular group of romantic comedies. Vicki has also written dozens of books for Harlequin, mainly in their Blaze and Temptation lines, and lately has been working on light paranormals for her new Hex series. She has a new book in that series, Casual Hex, that will be released on March 3rd. 

Roz Denny Fox has authored over 35 romance novels for Harlequin, mainly in their SuperRomance line. She has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award in Series Romance by Romantic Times. Her most recent book is A Texas-Made Family, a part of the multi-author series, You, Me & the Kids


Roz Denny Fox


Lois Schwartz


Lois Carroll 

Lois Schwartz has written two sweet romances which she told me are appropriate for more sensitive romance readers. The most recent one is A Sweet Deceit. Her alter-ego, Lois Carroll, has two steamier romantic suspense novels in print, one with a touch of the paranormal, and several stories available exclusively in e-book form in a variety of sub-genres. Her most recent release under this pen name is Just a Memory.

Tia Dani is the writing team of good friends, KrisTia Eaton and Dani Petrone. Together, they have authored an erotic short story titled, Layover, currently available only in e-book. Their first print book, Color of Dreams, a paranormal about a Wiccan high-priestess and three nymphs who cast a spell to bring together an unlikely couple, is due to be released in April. 


Tia Dani

Denise Jeffries


Alexis Ke

Denise Jeffries has authored several romances in the contemporary and romantic suspense sub-genres. Her latest, Visions in the Dark, features a psychic heroine and has a touch of the paranormal. If you feel like taking a walk on the wild side, Denise also writes sexy, spicy erotic romance under her pen name of Alexis Ke. Her latest in that sub-genre is Just for a Night.

Judi McCoy is the author of several romances that include elements of humor, mystery, suspense, and the paranormal. Her most recent books include a lighthearted series about a trio of goddesses who are banished from Mount Olympus and find love in the mortal world, and a more serious romantic suspense. Hounding the Pavement, the first of her new series, The Dogwalker Mysteries, is due to be released in March. Judi told me that she has twelve books planned for the series, and it was optioned by CBS for a possible television show. She will also be donating all the royalties from this first book to Best Friends, the largest no-kill animal shelter in the US. 

Judi McCoy

 Carolyn Hughey

Carolyn Hughey's debut novel titled Cupid's Web is a romantic comedy about a young woman who tries to escape her matchmaking mama only to end up with three men vying for her attentions. Carolyn also has several works in progress in her two favorite sub-genres, romantic comedy and romantic suspense.

Vijaya Schartz has written several sci-fi/fantasy romances that include aliens and angels, as well as a story of reincarnated lovers who find each other again amidst the exotic backdrop of India. She has a strong interest in myths, legends, and world religions, elements of which she incorporates in her novels. Her latest e-book, A Desperado for Christmas, is a contemporary romantic adventure story set in the Arizona desert.


Vijaya Schartz

Linda Andrews

Linda Andrews has written several books, all embodying elements of the paranormal. Her latest, Dancing in the Kitchen, is a mystery/suspense story involving a time-traveling wizard who must recover an ancient artifact in order to save the human race from extinction.

Eden Robins is the author of a variety of paranormal and fantasy romances. After Sundown: Illumination, her brand new release from Cerridwen Press and the third in her After Sundown series, is the story of a witch and a gargoyle, and is currently available only in e-book format. 

Eden Robins

Cathy McDavid

Cathy McDavid has authored a variety of romances in both the contemporary and historical sub-genres, as well as one paranormal. Lately she has been writing for the Harlequin American Romance line. Her most recent book is Cowboy Dad, and she has a new one due for release this summer titled Waiting for Baby

Pamela Tracy is the author of a number of inspirational romances in both the contemporary and historical sub-genres. Lately she has been writing for Harlequin's Steeple Hill Love Inspired line, and has a brand new release that just came out in January titled, Daddy for Keeps.

Pamela Tracy

Vicki Gaia

Vicki Gaia has authored several historical romance novels set in more modern time periods (eg. early 19th century New York, 1960s San Francisco, and WWII), as well as one contemporary. Her most recent release is Warring Hearts: Light in a Hollow Place, the third in her Warring Hearts WWII series. She also mentioned that she is working on a couple of M/M romances that have not yet been contracted.

Donna Hatch's debut novel, The Stranger She Married, is a regency-set historical about an impoverished young debutante who finds herself torn between a scarred war hero and a rake amidst the intrigue of a murder threat. The e-book version sold so well that the release date for the paperback was moved up, and it is already available.


Donna Hatch

Stacy Connelly

Stacy Connelly's debut novel, All She Wants for Christmas, was published late last year by the Silhouette Special Edition line. It is about a businessman who ends up filling in as Santa at the heroine's Christmas party for foster kids after he steals the Santa she originally hired. 

Susan Yarina is a registered nurse and rancher who has authored six romance novels, four contemporaries and two Native American themed time travels. Her most recent novel, The Best Man for the Job, features a hero and heroine both competing for the same job as a ranch foreman. 

Susan Yarina

Allison Leigh

Allison Leigh has written over two dozen romance novels mostly for Silhouette's Special Edition line. She has a brand new release this month titled Valentine's Fortune and another new book due out in April titled A Weaver Wedding

Renee Bernard is the author of a novella in The School for Heiresses anthology, as well as The Mistress Trilogy, a trio of sensuous Regency romances. Her most recent book, A Rogue's Game, features the redemption of bad boy, Julian Clay, from an earlier book in the series. 

Renee Bernard

 Book List

Below, I have created a convenient master list of all the recent and upcoming book releases mentioned above.  

After Sundown: Illumination by Eden Robins
(Purchase Cerridwen Press)

All She Wants for Christmas by Stacy Connelly
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

The Best Man for the Job by Susan Yarina
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Casual Hex by Vicki Lewis Thompson
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Chimera by Lois Carroll
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Color of Dreams by Tia Dani
(Not yet available for purchase; check The Wild Rose Press in April)

Cowboy Dad by Cathy McDavid
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Cupid's Web by Carolyn Hughey
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Daddy for Keeps by Pamela Tracy
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Dancing in the Kitchen by Linda Andrews
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

A Desperado for Christmas by Vijaya Schartz
(Purchase Amazon)

Hounding the Pavement by Judi McCoy
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Just a Memory by Lois Carroll
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble

Just for a Night by Alexis Ke
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Layover by Tia Dani
(Purchase The Wild Rose Press)

A Rogue's Game by Renee Bernard
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

The School for Heiresses by Renee Bernard, et al.
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

The Stranger She Married by Donna Hatch
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

A Sweet Deceit by Lois Schwartz
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

A Texas-Made Family by Rox Denny Fox
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Valentine's Fortune by Allison Leigh
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Visions in the Dark by Denise Jeffries
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Waiting for Baby by Cathy McDavid
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)

Warring Hearts: Light in a Hollow Place by Vicki Gaia
(Purchase Amazon)

A Weaver Wedding by Allison Leigh
(Purchase Amazon - Barnes&Noble)