A Little Big Rock

By: Lauren Blakely

Series: Big Rock

Book Number: 0.5

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Charlotte Rhodes has been best friends with Spencer Holiday since college, and they are currently business partners in a small chain of bars. Spencer has always been there for Charlotte anytime she needs him, and he always knows how to make her laugh. However, despite being so close, they've never crossed the line into anything more than friendship. Charlotte has been in a long-term relationship, while Spencer loves to play the field and has no intention of settling down. But when Charlotte's boyfriend cheats on her, ending their relationship, and Spencer asks her to play his fake fiancée for a week while his father woos a potential buyer in a big business deal, everything is about to change.


A Little Big Rock is a new short story prequel to Lauren Blakely's full-length novel, Big Rock, which is also the first in a series of the same title. The timing for it's release couldn't have been better, because I just finished reading Big Rock a few months ago. Since I had read it first, I'm not sure that A Little Big Rock added a great deal to the overall story. For anyone who's unfamiliar with Big Rock, it's written entirely from the hero, Spencer's POV. This short story is written from the heroine, Charlotte's perspective, so we get to see a little of what was going on in her mind leading up to Spencer asking her to play his pretend fiancée. The two have been best friends and business partners for several years, but thus far, they've never crossed the line into anything more. I was pleased to find out that Charlotte was indeed starting to have feelings for Spencer that went a little deeper than mere friendship before he made his proposition. I also enjoyed being reminded of some of the reasons why I fell hard for Spencer. Underneath his playboy persona, he's a really great guy.

A Little Big Rock is basically the first few chapters of Big Rock condensed down into very short vignettes that ends with Charlotte and Spencer's first kiss. It was well-written, and it was nice to get a peek inside Charlotte's head, too. We also get a quick intro to her sister, Natalie, who I'm pretty sure wasn't seen in Big Rock, but who becomes the heroine of the third book of the series, Well Hung. Aside from getting Charlotte's thoughts on some of the events in the book, it doesn't really add much in the way of new material, but since it's a freebie, I can't really complain. Overall, I think it's worth the read if you're a fan of the author, or if you're new to Ms. Blakely and just want a teaser to whet your appetite and see if her writing style works for you.


Lauren Blakely


Friends Before Lovers
G/PG-Rated Romance