Last Call

By: Jim Butcher

Series: The Dresden Files

Book Number: 10.4

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After a long day, Harry Dresden just wants to relax with a beer at McAnally's Pub. However, what he finds upon walking through the door is anything but peaceful. The entire place has been destroyed, Mac has been beaten up, and the patrons are all unconscious after going on some kind of wild bender. Suspecting something supernatural afoot, Harry soon discovers that a magical spell has been placed on Mac's specialty brew. With the help of Murphy, he follows the investigative trail, which leads to an unexpected perpetrator. But can Harry stop her before the tainted beer has spread throughout the entire city of Chicago?


"Last Call" is a novellette that falls between Small Favor and Turn Coat in the Dresden Files series chronology. In it, Harry heads to McAnally's Pub after a long day, wanting to enjoy a beer, but he finds the place in complete disarray with Mac beaten up and all the patrons unconscious after becoming violent. He immediately suspects something supernatural in nature, and soon discovers that Mac's own specially brewed beer has been tainted by a magical spell. Harry investigates with Murphy's help, and their search leads them to an unexpected source and a race against time to keep the spell from spreading throughout Chicago.

"Last Call" is a fairly short story, so the plot isn't particularly involved. However, I did very much enjoy it anyway. The story unfolds in a methodical manner as Harry and Murphy investigate, leading to an exciting denouement. I always love to see Harry and Murphy working together. They make a great team, and although she was under the influence of a spell at the time, Murphy offers a surprising confession that makes me wonder even more if these two may someday become more than just friends. Add in a little help from Molly and a brief sighting of Mouse and Mister, and you have the makings of a delightful little tale that I had fun reading. "Last Call" was originally published in the multi-author anthology, Strange Brew, and was later reprinted in the single-author anthology, Side Jobs.


Jim Butcher