Thomas's First Memory of the Flare

By: James Dashner

Series: The Maze Runner

Book Number: 2.5

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As Thomas's memories of life before the Maze begin to resurface, he recalls his parents and the moment in his life when his father, consumed by the flare, lashes out at him and his mother before being taken away.


I meant to read this short story in the proper order, right after The Scorch Trials, but then I completely forgot that it existed.:-) So, I decided to backtrack in the interest of completeness. Thomas's First Memory of the Flare is free bonus content that is really less of a story and more of a deleted scene. It details the first time Thomas recalls his life before the Maze and gives readers a peek into his family life when he was a child. It's a little on the bleak side, showing what his father was like after the flare took hold of his mind and body, but also very emotional. Because it's one of the few times that Thomas remembered his parents, and to the best of my recollection, the only time he remembered them in detail, I thought it was an engaging tidbit. However, at only a couple of pages long, that's about all that it is. It doesn't really add anything crucial to the over-arching story, but fans of the series will probably find it interesting.


James Dashner