Creative Haven: Creative Cats Coloring Book

By: Marjorie Sarnat

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If you're a lover of both cats and coloring, this is the adult coloring book for you. It features more than thirty full-page images of cats that are ready to be colored in. Each picture is rich in details that include things like hearts, paisleys, flowers and more. Pages are perforated down one side for easy removal for display. A fun way to exercise your creativity while reducing stress.


Although I'm not particularly artistic myself, I enjoy various artistic endeavors as hobbies. I remember loving coloring books as a child, so when the advent of adult coloring books started a few years ago, I was eager to see what was out there and to give it a try again, and this became the first adult coloring book that I bought. When I went searching, it caught my eye. I love cats and the whimsical designs in this book appealed to me for their beauty and femininity. Each coloring page features cats along with many other elements such as flowers, fashions, butterflies, other animals, and more. Since I'm not an actual artist, I'm not good at things like blending colors, so I'm always looking for coloring books that have well-defined lines that make it easier for me to color in. This book definitely provides that. While I may not be artistic, I am a detail oriented person, so the rich details in this book very much appeal to me. It can take me hours to finish one page, because I always take my time picking out just the right colors. In fact, it takes me so long that as of my writing of this review, I've only fully completed one picture, but I'm getting close to completing a second one. I can't wait to try out more of these beautiful coloring pages. I'm also fast becoming a fan of the artist, Marjorie Sarnat. Her work really draws me in, and I'm already eying some of her other coloring books for future purchases.


Marjorie Sarnat