Love Seat Solitaire

By: D. L. Snell

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Sam lives in an apartment that's haunted. He's pretty sure his ghostly roommate is the former occupant, who drowned in the toilet after getting drunk. The ghost typically plays solitaire at his kitchen table and sometimes causes some light mayhem, but when Sam has his two friends, Jess and Dave, over to play video games, the jealous, attention-seeking ghost suddenly turns murderous and tries to kill Sam and his friends.


"Love Seat Solitaire" is a short, stand-alone, horror story about a guy named Sam who lives in an apartment that's haunted, presumably by the ghost of the former occupant, an old man, who, in a drunken stupor, managed to drown in the toilet. The ghost usually plays solitaire and causes general mayhem, which doesn't overly concern Sam. But when he has some friends over to play video games and they ignore the ghost's persistent desire to play cards with them, it turns murderous, trying to kill Sam and his two friends.

With me not being a big fan of horror, this story wasn't entirely my cup of tea, but since it's on the lighter side, it wasn't too bad. However, the author relies pretty heavily on potty humor to bring about that levity, which again isn't really my preferred schtick either. That said, I still managed to find it mildly amusing, although kind of open-ended, when I like for things to be wrapped up a little neater. Overall, this was an OK story, better than some in the Blood Lite anthology where it's found but not as good as a few of the others.


D. L. Snell