I Know Who You Ate Last Summer

By: Nancy Holder

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Dwight and Angelo are famous rock stars who also happen to secretly be cannibals. Thus far, they've been able to keep their proclivities hidden, but when Dwight receives the text message, "I know who U 8 last summer," he fears they've finally been found out.


"I Know Who You Ate Last Summer" is a short, stand-alone, horror story about Dwight and Angelo, a pair of cannibal rock stars. Despite being famous, they've been able to keep their serial killing ways and taste for human flesh on the down low. But when Dwight receives a text message saying "I know who U 8 last summer," he believes the jig might be up. For such a short story (only about sixteen pages), the narrative covers a fair bit of ground, making it a bit difficult for me to keep up with what's really going on. Even though they don't actually eat anyone during the course of the story, the whole cannibal angle admittedly icked me out. This one wasn't quite as bizarre as a few of the other stories in the Blood Lite anthology where it's found, but it was just weird enough to not really sit very well with me.


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