Blood-Red Greens

By: Joel A. Sutherland

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Good friends Randall and Errol have a standing date each week for a golf game. Randall always looses to Errol and is thinking of giving up the game, but he shows up one last time. As the two men are playing, the zombie apocalypse hits, leaving them fighting off zombies in order to finish their game.


"Blood-Red Greens" is a stand-alone short story about two friends, Randall and Errol, who have a standing date every week to play golf. Errol always wins, because Randall is a terrible golfer who's thinking about quitting. During one of their games, the zombie apocalypse arrives, leaving them fighting off zombies while trying to finish playing, ending with a small twist.

Many years ago, I used to watch golf on television, but in the intervening years, my interest in the game has waned. There's a lot of golfing terminology used in this tale, so with my prior knowledge of the sport, I wasn't entirely lost, but it did kind of slow things down. The story is a fairly simple one that doesn't have much of a plot. It's basically about Randall and Errol and them being obsessed enough with the game to keep going even though they're constantly being attacked by zombies. It's kind of funny that they don't think much of it, but instead just kill a zombie or two and then move on to the next hole. The ending was rather predictable, but mildly amusing. The writing itself is good, keeping me pretty well engaged, so overall, this was decent for a short story. "Blood-Red Greens" can be found in the anthology, Blood Lite III: Aftertaste.


Joel A. Sutherland