Nine-Tenths of the Law

By: Eric James Stone

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Highly intelligent zombies have taken over the law and government and have created legal rights for their kind. Kyle, a ghost, wants his right to the home he's lived in for the past twenty years acknowledged and the humans who are about to buy it evicted. He asks zombie attorney Gordon to take his case, but the court's decision leads to unexpected results.


"Nine-Tenths of the Law" is a very short story of only about five pages that takes place in an unspecified future time where zombies essentially rule. They aren't what you typically think of as zombies. Their flesh isn't rotting off their bones, nor do they have a single-minded pursuit of brains, but instead are highly intelligent creatures who are now running our government incredibly efficiently as lawyers, judges, and politicians. Kyle, a ghost, comes to Gordon, a zombie attorney, wanting to evict the humans who are buying the home he's lived in for the past twenty years, so he asks Gordon to litigate his claim for him. Gordon agrees and the results end up in an amusing plot twist. I previously read another short by this author in another Blood Lite anthology and thought it was quite clever and creative, and this one was equally so. This was a very amusing and diverting story and I honestly didn't see the ending coming. "Nine-Tenths of the Law" can be found in the anthology Blood Lite III: Aftertaste.


Eric James Stone