Scarlet Stockings

By: Mary Wine

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Bethany Wilton is shocked to see her husband, Gabe, sneaking into the madam's rooms at the saloon across the street from her shop. Although raised to believe that a proper lady doesn't take pleasure in the marriage bed, she's always enjoyed sex with Gabe and can't imagine what he could be getting there that she isn't willing to give him at home. Determined to prove that no scarlet woman can offer him anything she can't, she buys a sexy surprise for her husband.

Gabe had only gone to the madam to create a surprise of his own for Bethany, but when he returns home to find her dressed in the same scarlet stockings the saloon girls wear, he's instantly aroused and eager to show her what he learned. Together, they embark on a passionate adventure that will keep the home fires burning for years to come.


Scarlet Stockings is a short, stand-alone novelette set in the Old West. Bethany spots her husband, Gabe, sneaking into the madam's quarters above the saloon across from her tailor shop and starts to wonder what a working woman can give him that she can't. Not about to let another woman share that kind of intimacy with her husband, she vows to make him never want to stray again. To that end, she visits a shop where she knows the saloon girls get their fancy clothes and buys the same scarlet stockings she's seen them wearing while plying their trade, along with a lacy, silk corset. Gabe only went to the madam to find out what women really like in bed, so that he can genuinely pleasure Bethany. When he comes home to find his wife decked out in sexy undergarments, he's instantly aroused and puts to use some of the advice the madam gave him. Together, they set out on a sensual adventure that turns out to be the best Christmas present ever.

Scarlet Stockings is one of those rare romances that features an already married couple. Although the story doesn't specify how long they've been together, it seems like their marriage is rather new. Gabe has intense, slightly darker desires he wants to share with Bethany, and the gentle couplings they've engaged in since marrying aren't really cutting it for him. But since she was a virgin on their wedding night, he doesn't want his passion to scare her off. Bethany was always taught that proper ladies view the marriage bed as simply another chore, but even though she knows she's not supposed to, she enjoys sex with Gabe. That's why she's determined to do whatever it takes to keep his interest squarely focused on her. I think it was sweet that Gabe made the effort and spent the money to get advice on what women like in bed. I appreciate that even though he was experienced before wedding Bethany, he doesn't think that he knows it all when it comes to a woman's body. I admired Bethany for being adventurous and willing to try new things with Gabe, and for being bold enough to create a few surprises of her own for him. Overall, Scarlet Stockings was a deliciously sexy story that I very much enjoyed. It was my first read by Mary Wine, but it leaves me very interested in trying more of her work. Unfortunately this book is no longer available for purchase at this time.:-( It was originally released by Ellora's Cave, a now defunct publishing house, and either the author hasn't gotten her rights back yet or has chosen not to republish it.

Note: This book contains explicit language and sexual situations, but other than one mild scene of exhibitionism/voyeurism, there isn't anything of a kinky nature and it's more on par with steamy romances.


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