By: Will Ludwigsen

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A historical ghost hunter writes the acknowledgments section to a book he wrote about his exploits, thanking all the people who made it possible.


"Acknowledgments" is a short piece of only about four pages. Like a couple of other entries in the Blood Lite III: Aftertaste anthology in which it's found, I call it a piece, because it isn't really a story with a cohesive plot. It's basically the acknowledgments section of a book that appears to have been written by a historical ghost hunter. He's merely thanking various people for the roles they played in making the book possible. It does give us a little insight into his exploits and personality, and he seems a bit arrogant and not entirely likable. Also a few of the things he mentions, particularly involving children, were a tad disturbing, but mostly the nuances of this piece were lost on me. I didn't quite understand the purpose of this "story," so it didn't really entertain me much.


Will Ludwigsen