His at Last

By: Brenna Zinn

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Wealthy businessman Carter Lang has been madly in love with his secretary, Leslie Brighten, for the entire ten years she's worked for him, but their fifteen year age difference has left him convinced that he's too old for her. Little does he know that Leslie feels the same way, but she thinks he's probably not interested because her humble background makes her too unsophisticated for him. Carter is taking an early retirement, while Leslie is moving from Houston to Chicago to take a new job. Carter knows if he doesn't make a move, he'll likely never see her again, but he still struggles with the age difference and believing she might actually want him. On his last day of work, Carter forgets his briefcase and returns to the office to inadvertently spy Leslie self-pleasuring in her private powder room. Not wanting to embarrass her, he doesn't let her know he's there, but the sight sets his body on fire and reminds him that he'll need to act quickly if he's going to make Leslie his. Carter will have one last chance at a friend's wedding they're both attending to let Leslie know how he feels and possibly share the most erotic night of his life.


His at Last is a stand-alone, erotic romance novelette of about sixty-five pages. Carter is a wealthy businessman who's been in love with his secretary, Leslie, from afar for the entire ten years they've worked together. Even though he's crazy about her, he's kept his distance, partly because of the nature of their working relationship and partly because at forty-eight and fifteen years her senior, he thinks he's too old for her. Little does he know, though, that Leslie feels the same way about him, but, coming from a humble background, thinks she's not good enough for him. Carter is turning over his business to his former partner's sons and taking an early retirement, while Leslie is taking a new job hundreds of miles away. On his last day, Carter forgets his briefcase and returns to the office to accidentally spy Leslie self-pleasuring in her private powder room. Neither of them knows the other is there, but it stirs Carter's desire to a breaking point. He knows it's now or never to make a move, and he'll have just one last chance to possibly make Leslie his at the wedding of one of the business's new owners.

Overall, I really enjoyed His at Last. Having Carter and Leslie know each other for so long and have loved each other from afar for that entire time made the quick progression of the story much more believable. I really admired that Carter maintained healthy boundaries while they were working together and didn't make a move until he was no longer her boss even though it meant putting his feelings on hold. Carter being inexperienced with sex toys despite his age and Leslie being the adventurous one was a cute role reversal. It also left me with the impression that Carter probably wasn't a serious playboy despite his long-held bachelorhood, which was a welcome touch, too. The only thing about the story that could have been better is that there were a few places I was having a little trouble envisioning what was happening, so a bit more detail would have been nice. Also there's some awkward wording and quite a few typos that a good editor should have caught. Otherwise, though, this was a fun, steamy read, my first by Brenna Zinn, and one that's left me open to checking out her other work.

Note: This book contains explicit language and sexual content, including use of sex toys and anal sex, which could be objectionable to sensitive readers.


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