Still Life

By: Ken Lillie-Paetz

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Trying to create the perfect painting of an apple, the narrator takes great pains with his subject until it's just right and fits perfectly next to another previous work of art that's on the macabre side.


"Still Life" is a short, less than two-page, flash fiction story in which the first-person narrator is trying to paint the perfect picture of an apple, but there's a macabre twist at the end. I'm sorry to say that this story was so short, it didn't really grab me in any meaningful way. I think that perhaps the plot twist was supposed to take the reader by surprise, but even that failed to impress me. So ultimately this was just a meh read that didn't do much for me. "Still Life" can be found in the anthology Blood Lite III: Aftertaste.


Ken Lillie-Paetz @ GoodReads