Celestial Sin

By: Bianca Swan

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Although married once and divorced, Essie McBane hasn't let the experience sour her on true love. With her standards set high, though, she's barely dated since, yet still hasn't given up on finding the one man who is right for her. Then the answer to her prayers literally falls at her feet in the form of an angel who is the epitome of masculine perfection. While helping him recover from his injuries, she can't seem to help lusting after him. She'd love to introduce him to the pleasures of the flesh, but will she be damned for eternity if she's the cause of an angel falling from grace?

Cam-ael is a warrior angel who has been fighting in the second war between heaven and hell. After receiving a particularly bad wound, he plummets to Earth and lands right at Essie's feet. Once he's recovered, he finds he's tired of the battle and tempted beyond reason by the lovely Essie. Even though he knows there could be consequences, he wants nothing more than to stay with her for as long as he can. But when his presence draws his demon foes into their midst, will he be able to protect the woman he loves without his full angel powers?


Celestial Sin is an erotic paranormal romance novella that tells the story of Essie, a thirty-nine-year-old divorcee who has never quite given up on true love, although she never would have expected to find it when an actual angel literally falls at her feet. Cam-ael is a warrior angel who was injured in the second war between heaven and hell, which resulted in him plummeting to Earth. Essie cares for him as he recovers from his wounds and he almost instantly falls in love with her, deciding that she's someone for whom it would be worth becoming a fallen angel. While Essie instantly lusts after the gorgeous Cam, she resists his overtures to make love for a while because she's worried about what might happen to them if they do, but eventually she can no longer resist. However, when Cam's presence draws his demon foes into their midst, he is concerned about whether he can keep Essie safe, and there very well could be consequences for him defecting from the heavenly ranks to be with a mortal.

Overall, Celestial Sin was a pretty good read, although not a perfect one. It's a little short on character and plot development. We don't really get much backstory on either character or any strong reasons for why they fall in love with one another, which happens almost instantaneously. I was willing to overlook it to some degree, though, because I did feel an emotional connection between them. The plot is pretty simplistic, too, with the demon adversaries being dispatched fairly easily and a pretty magical solution being presented that gives them their HEA despite her being mortal and him being immortal, as well as circumventing the consequences for him having violated the rules of heaven to be with her. The love scenes are steamy and plentiful with those and their lusty thoughts taking up most of the page count. However, more environmental details to set the scene better and more connecting details to pull everything together cohesively wouldn't have gone amiss. It was just sometimes a little difficult to envision what was happening in my mind's eye. Despite my critique, though, I did enjoy this story for what it was. It has a sweetness to it that I enjoyed. I also liked Essie and Cam for as well as I got to know them. I like that Essie didn't let her divorce sour her on finding true love. Since Cam is a virgin, he's a very sweet and tender lover, while also being eager and passionate, and he's very protective, too, all admirable qualities. So all in all, not a bad read at all. Unfortunately it appears that this novella is no longer available for purchase at this time.

Note: I've categorized this story as an erotic romance because the ratio of sex scenes to page count is high. It also contains an abundance of explicit language, but otherwise the love scenes are on par with steamy romances with nothing particularly kinky.


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