All She Wants for Christmas

By: Paige Tyler

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Hayley Knowles has been fantasizing about her husband, Conner, spanking her, but she's too shy to ask for what she wants. She's convinced that she's the only one who has fantasies like this until she lets her secret desire slip out at their annual Christmas party for their friends and discovers that all her girlfriends have been spanked and enjoy it. As each of them relate the stories of their first spankings, Hayley becomes more turned on and certain that it's what she wants, too. With a little help from a Christmas elf, Conner just might give her exactly what she's wishing for this holiday season.


All She Wants for Christmas is a short, stand-alone, erotic romance novelette. Hayley has been fantasizing about her husband, Conner, spanking her for some time, but she's shy and can't figure out how to broach the subject with him. She thought that she was the only one who had these kinds of desires, until she lets the cat out of the bag in the company of her friends and discovers that all of them have been spanked before and like it. As her friends relate the stories of their first spankings, Hayley becomes more excited about the prospect until Conner finally gives her the best Christmas present ever by fulfilling her sexy longings.

I have to admit that I finished All She Wants for Christmas with very mixed feelings. The first half of the story, where Hayley's first three friends relate their spanking stories made me uncomfortable because of the dubious consent in each of them. At least Genevieve's was with her boyfriend and there was a certain level of trust in their relationship, but it still bothered me that he never discussed it with her to make sure she was on board before putting her over his knee. Lyndsay's story really set my teeth on edge, because it was a boss/employee situation. I don't care that he didn't pursue anything sexually with her at the time or that he eventually became her husband. There was a clear power differential and no relationship between them that would've indicated the proper level of trust for this type of interaction. IMHO this was nothing short of sexual assault. Monica's story made me almost equally perturbed because Lyndsay orchestrated the whole thing behind Monica's back and then Monica's husband took her over his knee with Lyndsay and her husband both present. Again there was no discussion of whether Monica would be okay with any of it, and if a friend did that to me, they wouldn't be my friend anymore. Of course, all three of these ladies ate it up, loving every minute of their spankings once they got over the initial shock, but for me all three scenarios reeked of old-school forced seduction, which isn't my thing.

Now that's not to say the entire story was bad, because I did very much like the latter half of it. The fourth friend, Jill, was not unlike Hayley in that she wanted her husband to spank her, but wasn't sure if he'd want to, so she made a bet with him. She of course lost, but technically got what she wanted anyway. Then because one of Hayley's friends puts a bug in Conner's ear, he finally fulfills Hayley's Christmas wish by giving her a sexy spanking followed by some smokin' hot lovin'. Because both Jill and Hayley knew what they wanted and weren't blindsided by their partners, I thoroughly enjoyed their parts of the story. The only other thing that bugged me a little is that there were quite a lot of typos for such a short story, which could be distracting. I considered giving this novelette a lower rating due to my misgivings, but because it ended on a high note for me, I didn't. If not for the dub-con in the other ladies' stories, it definitely would have been a keeper for me, so I figured knocking off one star for that was sufficient. All She Wants for Christmas was my first read by Paige Tyler. Other than the typos it was well-written. The story itself had its good points and bad points, but overall it was enjoyable enough to make me open to trying something else from this author. I just hope that her other books have more enthusiastic consent in them. Unfortunately it appears that this novelette is no longer available for purchase at this time.


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