Sugar on Top

By: Leigh Ellwood

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Sugar Pernell is an invisible woman who works as a gossip columnist for her town's tabloid newspaper. Although her ability makes her perfect for the job, she hasn't been writing what readers want to hear and is about to loose her position unless she can deliver the scoop of the year. While she discusses the problems with her boss at the local sweet shop, werewolf Warner Doctorow arrives to pick up a cake he ordered for his best friend's bachelor party. Warner is about the hottest guy in town, and Sugar knows his party could be the big story she's looking for. She comes up with a plan for sneaking into his house undetected, but the full moon is rising, leaving Warner about to transition. The only thing he can do to stave it off is binge on food and sex, so what more could he ask for than discovering a naked woman in his pantry.


Sugar on Top was a bit-o-fluff erotic novella that takes place in a fictitious town that seems to be inhabited only by fantastical creatures. I realize it's not an easy task to develop characters in such a short space (30 pages), but I never felt like I got to know the two main leads at all and what little I did learn about them wasn't all that endearing. Sugar is an "invisible woman" whose species is never specified. She works as a gossip columnist and will do just about anything for a story. This isn't exactly a noble profession to begin with, and she doesn't even seem to be all that good at it either, considering she is about to be fired. Warner is a werewolf who seems to have a penchant for wild parties that apparently include orgies. He is about to transition and trying to stave it off by over-indulging in food and sex. I have to admit that the sex scenes were pretty unusual and I somewhat enjoyed the chase prior to the final scene, but they were written in a rather blunt, clinical way that I felt was lacking in true sensuality. In fact, this story could just as easily have been classified as straight erotica rather than erotic romance. In my opinion, there wasn't anything about it that was particularly romantic, and there was no real emotional connection either. There were also a couple of moments outside of the sex scenes that were more or less crass and distasteful to me. I'm not sure I could say that the ending was even HFN much less HEA. The whole story was pretty much nothing more than a one night stand with no thought or mention of the future. Although I could think of worse ways to spend an hour, Sugar on Top didn't really float my boat, but since it was a freebie, at least I'm not out anything except my reading time. This was my first story by Leigh Ellwood, and I can't say that it has left me particularly eager to try anything else by her. Sugar on Top can be downloaded for free from a variety of places including the author's website and All Romance e-Books.

Note: This novella contains explicit language and sexual content including rimming which some readers may find offensive.


Leigh Ellwood