Love Slave

By: Ann Jacobs

Series: Black Gold

Book Number: 1

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College student Shana Green fantasizes about being the houri, or love slave, of a wealthy sheik. As luck would have it, there happens to be a gorgeous young sheik on her campus and he is also football teammates with her brother Jake. When college graduation arrives, Dahoud "Bear" el Rashid is eager for a last fling before going home to Kuwait and taking his place in the family oil business, so he is more than happy to indulge Shana's every desire. A few days of passion turn into an undeniable love, but can they overcome their cultural differences to make the fantasy last forever?


Love Slave was a sweetly sensual erotic romance of forbidden love between a Jewish American young woman and an Arabic young man who was a Kuwaiti sheik. This theme, along with the love-overcomes-all theme, both of which were a prominent part of the story, are among my favorites. Shana and Bear were both very likable characters. Although I can't say I've ever fantasized about being part of a sheik's harem like Shana did, I certainly wouldn't mind if that sheik were Bear (and it was only a harem of one;-)). Making love in his private jet, his limo and his isolated ancient family fortress would be a scrumptious dream. I liked that Bear was completely into fulfilling Shana's fantasy and how the couple were so open and giving toward one another. It made the idea of them falling in love so quickly more believable. I wasn't a bit surprised when Shana got jealous of the other women in the "harem," even though she said that's what she wanted. In fact, the short menage scene between Bear, Shana and the other two women was the only thing about this novella that wasn't really my cup of tea. I happen to be a jealous reader who wants the hero to belong completely to the heroine. I was quite happy when Bear wasn't responsive to the other women and kicked them out pretty quickly, so he could have his favorite houri all to himself.;-)

Even though the characterizations aren't particularly deep because of the short length, I really came to like Bear and Shana a lot, and would have loved to read a longer story about them. I'm really happy that Forever Enslaved, the second novella in the series, is a continuation of their lives together. Love Slave may require a little suspension of disbelief to accept Bear and Shana falling in love and overcoming their cultural differences so quickly, but there was enough tender emotion between the pair to make me buy it. This story also introduces Shana's brother, Jake, who becomes the hero of book #3, Firestorm. This was my first read by Ann Jacobs and the first in her Black Gold series. I really enjoyed it and look forward to continuing the series. Love Slave can be purchased as a separate e-book, and can also be found in the Sandstorms anthology.

Note: This novella contains explicit language and sexual situations which some readers may find offensive including a f/f/m/f menage with brief mention of f/f action and anal play with fingers.


Ann Jacobs