Song of the Swan

By: Kelly Ferjutz

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Galen FitzHugh is depressed with life. He has a bum leg from a battle injury and his fiancée left him for another man. His pet swan, Stephen, understands the feeling. He lost his mate and has been letting his displeasure over it be loudly known throughout the castle grounds. When Freida, a lovely young maiden, and her pet goose, Martha, arrive at the castle with a group of mummers, perhaps Galen and Stephen have finally found what's been missing in their lives.


There really isn't a whole lot to this little e-book quickie, and I freely admit that readers will likely have to suspend disbelief to buy into the implication of Galen and Freida having a lifetime of happiness ahead of them after only spending what seemed like mere minutes in each other's company. However, the story did have a rather enchanting quality to it that was sweet and charming. I also can't help but be a sucker for characters who are wounded. Galen was in both body and soul after a battle injury had left him lame in one leg and his betrothed had abandoned him because of it. Freida had her own imperfection that made her perfectly suited for Galen. They additionally had a shared love for animals. I thought it was cute that their two pets got an HEA of their own. The writing itself was pretty good, although in my opinion, some of the prose passages could have been written a little tighter and more concisely. Overall though, Song of the Swan was a worthwhile way to spend a few minutes of my reading time, and since there is no particularly objectionable content, it would be suitable for most romance readers. Song of the Swan is available as a free download from the publisher, Cerridwen Press.


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