One BAD Night

By: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Series: B.A.D. Agency

Book Number: 0.3

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B.A.D. agent Samantha Winslow has been tasked with bringing in fellow agent, Jason Banks, for questioning. Jason has been working undercover with a terrorist organization, and his recent actions seem to indicate that he may have gone rogue, which is something that B.A.D., The Bureau of American Defense, simply cannot allow. Sam is convinced Jason is guilty and is fully prepared to kill him, but Jason swears he is innocent and turns on every ounce of charm he possesses to persuade Sam of it. Still, Sam doesn't entirely believe him until a call from their superior confirms that Jason has been telling her the truth. It may be too late though, as the terrorists are now on their doorstep, leaving Jason and Sam running for their lives, just one step ahead, but still longing to "get to know each other better" as soon as they can catch their breath.


In my opinion, One BAD Night was the most well-written of the original trio of B.A.D. stories with respect to the plot. It has a little something for everyone, action, adventure, suspense, romance and passion. It may not have been entirely believable, but it was highly entertaining. One BAD Night was somewhat reminiscent of watching an episode of the television show, Alias. Reading about Jason and Sam and the intrigue of them trying to elude the bad guys was great fun. I didn't think the characterizations were quite as well fleshed out as they were in the first two novellas, but the fast pace of the narrative helped to make up for this deficiency. In the short story format, there usually isn't a lot of space for both plot and characters to be thoroughly developed anyway.

Sam was a rather feisty, spitfire heroine, who was initially ready to kill Jason, but quickly warmed up to his charming personality. I really enjoyed their bantering. It was not only humorous, but usually charged with sexual innuendos, which made it all the more fun. I thought that Jason and Sam were a very well-matched couple who had great chemistry. Their love scenes were quite steamy, while still being sweet and tender, which seems to be a Sherrilyn Kenyon trademark.

The main secondary character, Renate, an unassuming, middle-aged woman who can fight like a commando, was a hoot. Readers are treated to brief appearances by Agent Retter and B.A.D. co-directors, Joe and Tee, who also appeared in the first two novellas. I sense a story for Joe and Tee sometime in the future, and greatly look forward to Ms. Kenyon eventually writing it. One BAD Night is the third story in the B.A.D. Agency series. I found it to be yet another enjoyable tale, and a great wrap-up to the Born to Be BAD anthology it is found.


Sherrilyn Kenyon


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