Something Wilde

By: Janelle Denison

Series: Wilde

Book Number: 0.5

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Spoiler Disclaimer


Eric Wilde and Jill Richardson have been working together on an advertising campaign for three month, and during that time, a very strong attraction has developed between them. With Jill being a freelancer and the project nearly finished, Eric knows that time is short to make his move. Deciding to take a big chance, he stops the elevator to give her a searing kiss, and her reaction proves that she wants him just as much as he wants her. When she turns him down for more, he senses there's something else going on and simply can't let it rest. Eric sneaks into her bedroom to offer her a proposition she can't refuse. He'll be her secret fantasy lover at night, but nothing more than her co-worker during the day, and once the project is done, they'll go their separate ways. Eric didn't count on falling in love though, and when he realizes that he desperately wants more than just a short-term fling with Jill, will he be able to convince her to take a chance on love and go public with their relationship?


Something Wilde is a very steamy little novella that is the first story in Janelle Denison's Wilde series. It focuses primarily on the sexual explorations of the hero and heroine, so there isn't a lot of character development. Still, I mostly liked both Eric and Jill. Even though Jill has had the hots for her "boss" for several months, she is reluctant to have a relationship with him because of an affair gone bad with a former co-worker. Eric is an advertising executive with close family ties, and the typical playboy who never gets too involved with a woman but falls hard and fast for Jill.

In the beginning, Eric seemed just a bit too cocky and obsessed with Jill for my taste, and the way he initiated their "fantasy" relationship, watching her bathe without her knowing it and then sneaking into her bedroom was a little stalkerish. Once things got started between them though, he proved himself to be a tender and skilled lover. The love scenes were very spicy and borderline erotic with lots of creativity. Normally, I'm not a big fan of romances that begin as casual sex-only relationships, but this one worked OK for me. There was just enough building of an emotional connection to make me believe Eric and Jill were falling in love, and I can't deny Janelle Denison created an appealing fantasy with the idea of a secret lover who comes to fulfill your every desire in the dark of night, but pretends you're nothing more than acquaintances in the light of day.

Overall, Something Wilde was a surprisingly enjoyable read. It also introduced Eric's two brothers, Steve and Adrian, who become the heroes of Wilde Thing and The Wilde One (Bad Boys to Go anthology) respectively. I really liked Ms. Denison's writing style. She definitely has a knack with the steamy love scenes and in my opinion, Something Wilde was a pretty solid story too. This was my first read by Janelle Denison, but I'm looking forward to continuing the Wilde series soon. This novella can be found in the I Brake for Bad Boys anthology.

Note: This novella contains some fairly erotic content, including mild voyeurism and dominant behavior, light bondage, blindfolding, and the creative use of a strand of pearls. In my opinion, everything was pretty tastefully done, but it could make some readers uncomfortable.


Janelle Denison