Just a Number

By: Jocelyn Saint James

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Sam has been a client at Karen's hair salon for eight months, and she has always looked forward to his visits. When Sam comes in one day feeling blue and lamenting being an "old man," Karen can't help wondering just how old he really is. Karen gets Sam to open up and is surprised to find out that he is attracted to her but has been reluctant to ask her out, because he thought he was too old for her. After an enlightening conversation about their ages, Karen and Sam discover that its really just a number.


At only four pages of actual text, Just a Number is even shorter than most free e-book quickies I've read. In spite of its brevity, I found it to be a cute, upbeat story of Karen, a hairdresser, and Sam, her client, who discover through a discussion at her salon one day, that age is really just a number. I liked that the hero and heroine were both mature, something of a rarity in romance. I enjoyed the couple and their conversation enough that I would have liked to see where things went afterward. The story is told in first-person from Karen's perspective. I had never read anything by Jocelyn Saint James before, but her writing style seemed solid and left me with an interest in possibly trying some of her other works.

Note: I acquired Just a Number as a free e-book from The Wild Rose Press, but it appears that they are no longer offering it for download, nor is the author or any other site that I can locate at this time. If it becomes available again, I will be sure to post the link.


Jocelyn Saint James


G/PG-Rated Romance