By: Heather Beck

Series: The Horror Diaries

Book Number: 3

Star Rating:



Spoiler Disclaimer


Calla Lily Milroy and her parents move to a new town where they take up residence in a huge old house on a cliff overlooking the sea. When Calla Lily goes into town to buy a new dog, she meets another girl who tells her a tale of ghosts and murder connected with her new home. For the next few nights, she finds herself haunted by spirits that possess her parents and wish to do her harm, but which ghostly apparitions are really the bad guys?


In my opinion, Rockville was the creepiest of The Horror Diaries stories I've read so far, probably owing to the villain being a child who had committed some pretty heinous acts. No details were given, so it wasn't an incredibly hard-hitting story, just slightly more disturbing. I would have liked to have known a little more about why he was compelled to do these things and how he died, because as written he was pretty one-dimensional and was also perhaps a little too easily dispatched. I think that Calla Lily's parents being possessed and coming after her added to the fright factor. Calla Lilly was OK as the main character, but I didn't find her to be quite as interesting or likable as the protagonists in the other Horror Diaries stories, mainly because she could be rather whiny. Overall, not a bad little horror tale, but a few things could have been better. Rockville can be purchased as a separate e-book and can also be found in the Haunted anthology under a different title, The Manor on the Rocks.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my review.


Heather Beck