User Friendly

By: Erin McCarthy

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Halley Connors can't believe the website for her catering business has been hacked. The demure picture of her holding a tray of hors d'oeurvres has been replaced with a scandalous photo of her head on a naked woman's body. The whole debacle could ruin her business, so she takes the problem to her best friend and computer guru, Evan Barrett. Evan has been secretly in love with Halley for years, and although the steamy graphic doesn't turn him on the same way the real Halley can, it does put a few ideas into his head. When Halley becomes upset about everything that's happened, Evan comforts her with a kiss that turns passionate, and it doesn't take long for him to discover that she has been having the same fantasies about him as he has had about her. 


User Friendly was without a doubt my favorite novella in the Bad Boys Online anthology in which it is found. I absolutely loved the best friends finding forever love with one another theme, a favorite of mine. It reminded me in some ways of another Erin McCarthy story that was a keeper for me, You, Actually.

Evan is a hot, scrumptious computer geek, a favorite character type for me as well. I thought it was wonderful how he's so into Halley. He has been lusting after her and totally in love with her for years, but didn't want to ruin a great friendship in the event she didn't feel the same way. I loved how he just couldn't get enough of her and wanted nothing more than to pleasure her in every way possible. Halley is a determined young woman who has worked hard to build her own catering business from the ground up. She was just the right mix of a little bit daring and a little bit shy, making her very relatable for me. Halley has also had the hots for Evan for a long time and has buried her feelings out of fear of loosing him as a friend.

When these two finally got together (which didn't take too long since it is a short story;-)), it was absolutely combustible. Their relationship is full of playfulness and teasing that doesn't stop just because they get all hot and bothered. They also trust each other implicitly which is a key element for a romance to really work for me. I liked that they didn't play games with each other and communicated very well. Even when Halley started to feel awkward after all the steamy sex, Evan didn't let her run and hide. I love how they allowed themselves to become completely abandoned to their desire for one another. It made their lovemaking very hot, but at the same time, it was filled with tender emotion. Everything just came together to make User Friendly a big winner for me. The Bad Boys Online anthology appears to be Erin McCarthy's debut as an author, and I'd have to say that overall, I found it to be a pretty impressive first book.

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