The Promise

By: Ambrielle Kirk

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Tina met Craig Bailey at a wedding months ago. Ever since, they've shared both business and pleasure, but only as friends. With his romantic gifts and seductive promises, Craig made it clear that he wanted more from Tina. Two days before Christmas and finally ready to take Craig up on his offer, Tina makes the long trek to his Christmas tree farm. When the pair get snowed in together at Craig's cabin, it quickly becomes a night Tina will never forget.


The Promise was a luscious little e-book quickie that in my opinion, had a pretty good balance between the story-telling and the sex. It can definitely be difficult to find decent character and plot development in a story as short as this one, but I thought the author did a good job with the abbreviated format. I liked that Tina wasn't the kind of girl to jump into bed with a man without getting to know him first. As it was, she had known Craig for about eight or nine months during which time they had shared some sexy flirtations, so it only seemed logical for them to take the next step. I also liked that Craig had been pursuing Tina that whole time. I thought his persistence showed that he really did want a relationship with her. It was very sweet and romantic that he cooked dinner for her before they got snowed in together and things heated up between them. It was nice that Tina showed a touch of vulnerability. Even though she knew from the moment she went to Craig's Christmas tree farm what she wanted to happen, she was still just a little shy about it. Their hot tub love scene was very steamy while still being tender. This novella seems to be categorized as erotic romance, but other than the language being a little more explicit, I thought it was pretty much on par with most steamy mainstream romances. The only thing that bothered me a little was that there was no discussion of or exercise of safe sex which I definitely prefer in contemporary romances. Otherwise, The Promise was very enjoyable for such a short novella. I would have loved to read a longer story about Craig and Tina. This was the first time I'd read anything by Ambrielle Kirk, but I thought her writing was very solid. I'm now looking forward to checking out her other works.


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