By: Craig Inglis

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A lonely man decides that he needs a dog to be his companion. He goes to the pet store and chooses a little terrier who he names Lucky. Lucky and his owner walk and play in the park, and the man teaches Lucky many tricks. One day Lucky darts into the street and is hit by a car. Lucky is badly injured and looses his leg, but his owner still loves and plays with him just like before the accident. Even with only three legs, Lucky soon re-learns all of his old tricks and a new one too.


Lucky is a cute picture book about a spunky little dog who looses a leg in an accident, but doesn't allow his disability to hold him back. The story is a rather simple one and not quite as involved as I was expecting based on the synopsis. It is probably best suited for read-aloud with very young readers, and the easier vocabulary would be perfect for beginning readers as well. In spite of its simplicity, I cannot deny that Lucky conveys a positive message about not giving up when life throws you a curveball, as well as love and acceptance of anyone with a disability, and it does so in an upbeat way. The illustrations are a whimsical compliment to the story. There is a lot going on in the pictures that invites further exploration and interaction. My only complaint is that I wish Lucky's owner had adopted him from a shelter rather than purchasing him from a pet store. I think this would have passed along another subtle message to children about the importance of providing loving homes for all of our homeless animal friends. Overall though, Lucky was a gentle and enjoyable book that should appeal to any little one who loves animal stories.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author via the publicist, Bostick Communications, in exchange for an honest review.


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