Indulge Me

By: Lori Foster

Series: Brava Girlfriends

Book Number: 2

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It's Becky Harte's turn to go to the adult shop and set a date with the first guy who shows an interest in her fantasy. Becky desperately wants to loose her virginity, but has a surprising hang-up that makes her want to be in control of the experience. Restraining her lover is the only way she thinks she'll be able to get through it, so she goes in search of a little bondage gear. She's utterly shocked and embarrassed when her hot co-worker, George Westin, shows up expressing more than a little interest in her purchases. George has been the star of all her sexy fantasies for a long time, but she never thought a hunk like him could possibly be interested in a ordinary girl like her.

George has been crazy for Becky for two years. He thinks she's the hottest woman in the company and has fantasized many times about what he'd like to do to her, but every time he tried to get close, she put up a wall of professionalism. When his co-worker, Cameron comes to him explaining the girlfriends' dare and how they think George would be the perfect person to indulge Becky's bondage fantasy, he's more than game. He definitely doesn't want anyone else tying up the woman of his dreams, but he gets the surprise of his life when his sweet Becky turns the tables on him.


Indulge Me was another winning novella from Lori Foster, which has finally proven to me that she can write the kind of stories I enjoy. It was very hot and steamy, definitely bordering on the erotic with the inclusion of some light bondage. I liked that George and Becky had both had the hots for one another for two years. Much like with the first novella in the Brava Girlfriends series, this prior connection made their quick hook-up and falling in love more believable, because they were already halfway there when the story opens.

Becky was the second of the three friends to take the dare of going to the adult store across the street from where they work and setting a date with the first guy who showed an interest in her fantasy. Becky reminds me a lot of myself because she is sweet and shy, with a private wild side. I thought Ms. Foster did a great job of treading the line between her being an innocent virgin, and not being completely clueless about sex. She had obviously been thinking and planning just how she wanted her first sexual experience to be for a long time, and the star of her fantasies was her hunky co-worker, George. The reason Becky had put so much effort into making sure she's in control and trying to make it perfect is that she has a surprising hang-up about her body. The moment when it was finally revealed was very sweet and poignant and definitely proved what a wonderful guy George was.

George was a very lovable hero with a great sense of humor. He's certainly confident and has no qualms whatsoever about frank talk regarding sex, but he doesn't cross the line into being annoyingly cocky like some self-assured heroes. I thought it was actually kind of cute how he downplayed the fact that he's well-endowed and even said that half the rumors about his sexual prowess were untrue, when most guys would probably be all too happy to claim both. He's very intuitive of Becky's needs and recognizes her innocence right away, but isn't the least bit off-put by it. In fact, he finds her sweet, endearing and altogether beautiful even though she doesn't recognize that beauty in herself. I love how George willingly played along when she turned the tables on him and then patiently coaxed her when he turned the tables back. Best of all, was how he wouldn't let her hide her flaws from him and tenderly reassured her of how lovely she truly was to him.

Asia and Cameron from Satisfy Me put in another appearance as they plan their wedding. Becky and Asia's third friend, Erica, who becomes the heroine of the final story Drive Me Wild also played a role. So far, Erica has been my least favorite of the three friends because of her cynicism and brusque, sometimes abrasive, manner. I have to admit that I'm not as eager to read her story because she seems like the type who could easily be a man-eater. However, since I've been surprised in the past by the redemption of secondary characters who didn't initially resonate with me, I'll keep an open mind. Overall, Indulge Me was another fun, sexy and emotionally satisfying read in the Brava Girlfriends series. It was originally published in the I Love Bad Boys anthology and was later reprinted in the single-author anthology Truth or Dare along with its two companion novellas.


Lori Foster


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