Junie B., First Grader: Boss of Lunch

By: Barbara Park

Series: Junie B. Jones

Book Number: 19

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Junie B. is excited because she got a new lunch box. All of Junie B.'s friends bought lunch instead of bringing their lunch. Junie B.'s friend shared a half cookie with her, and that reminded her of Mrs. Guzman's cookies. Then she went over to talk to her.

Junie B. gave her mom a permission slip, and her parents signed it. Junie B. worked in the cafeteria with Mrs. Guzman. At first, she was doing well, then she got in trouble and went back to class. Then Mrs. Guzman comes in and has cookies. Junie B. was slouching so no one could see her. Then Mrs. Guzman asked her if she wanted to pass out cookies, and then Junie B. feels happy inside again.


I liked this story, because it showed lots of expression. It seemed like Junie B. was invisible at the start, then at the end everybody respected her. This was a great story to me.

Note: Synopsis and review by a female reviewer, age 8.

Parent's Note: This book is part of the Junie B. Jones series. A complete list of the books can be found on the Junie B. Jones website.


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