My Soul Immortal

By: Jen Printy

Series: Fated Eternals

Book Number: 1

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Jack has lived a long time, after realizing that he was immortal at a young age. Although well over 100 years have passed, he still mourns his lost love who died suddenly, Lydia. Jack can only spend so much time in one place before people will become suspicious of a man who looks twenty years old for extended years, without aging a single day. When he intervenes in a robbery and is supposedly fatally shot, he must move to another location, and he chooses Portland, Maine.

One day, he encounters a young woman who is the spitting image of his lost love, an art student named Leah. Jack is drawn to her, and determined to find out why when he looks into her green eyes, he sees Lydia's soul. He also meets a strange man with sparkling sapphire eyes who may have the answer to why he can't die. But exploring a connection to this man will bring danger into the lives of Jack and the young woman who he seems fated to love eternally.


My Soul Immortal has a very intriguing premise, one of immortality and its gifts and curses. Jack is a sympathetic lead. His mix of heartbroken angst, loneliness and a long-held sense of honor, plus his fascinating gift of immortality encourages the reader to dive deeper into his story. The writing is competent and error-free. However, the story failed to grab me on a deeper level. The emotions felt blunted, particularly in the action and suspense scenes, due to a lack of tension and dramatic impact. While Jack has clearly suffered a lot in his life, the writer didn't make me feel it. Additionally, the secondary characters aren't that charismatic, particularly Leah. While the villain should be deeply disturbing and fear-inspiring, I never got to that level with this person. The ending was well-done, however some aspects as the story progressed were a bit predictable.

Overall, My Soul Immortal has an appealing storyline, with a hero that many readers will like and root for. Readers who find the concept of fated lovers irresistible will enjoy the romance angle. Because this series has a lot of potential, I hope that later volumes have the dramatic impact that this story really needs.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

*Reviewed by guest reviewer, Danielle Hill.


Jen Printy