Going after Adam

By: Nancy Warren

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After discovering that the company he works for is involved in dirty dealings, Adam Stone turns whistle-blower. But when the one person within the company he thought he could trust with the information dies in a mysterious accident, he knows he might be next, and it's time to get out of town fast. He needs to go to Las Vegas to turn the evidence he collected over to a buddy there who works for the FBI, but when he can't get a flight to Vegas on short notice, he heads for San Francisco instead, where he ends up meeting private investigator, Gretchen Weist.

Gretchen was unknowingly hired by the bad guys who falsely claimed to be lawyers for Adam's soon-to-be ex-wife. She thinks she's tailing him to get incriminating photos of a cheating husband, but when she gets made by him, she learns the awful truth. Soon it becomes apparent that her life is in danger as well. The pair go on the run together, heading for Vegas, but when they lose their car at a stop along the way, they hitch a ride with a busload of seniors, using the cover story of being a young couple headed to the altar. Next thing they know, they're getting married for real with the bad guys still hot on their heels. Adam and Gretchen may share a combustible chemistry, but when the dust settles, will they want to stay together for the long haul?


Going after Adam is a fast-paced novella in which our hero, Adam, works for a company that's engaging in illegal activities. He become a whistle-blower, which has put his life in danger, as assassins are hot on his trail. Enter the heroine, Gretchen, a private investigator, who's been unwittingly hired by the bad guys to keep an eye on him. She thinks he's a cheating husband and that her job is to get incriminating pictures of him with the other woman for his wife to use in divorce proceedings. By the time she finds out that she's been duped, her life is in danger, too, so they go on the run together, trying to reach Las Vegas before the baddies, so that Adam can turn over his evidence to an FBI buddy there. Their road trip turns into a fun, mad-cap adventure when they board a tour bus full of seniors, using the cover story of being on their way to Vegas for a shotgun wedding.

This is the third novella I've read by Nancy Warren. The previous two I had given mixed ratings to, so I'm pleased that Going after Adam turned out to be a story that I mostly enjoyed. Because of its brevity there isn't a lot of room for character development, but for as well as I got to know them, I liked Adam and Gretchen. The story moves very fast, so it kept me engaged throughout. Once the seniors on the bus tour were added into the mix, it became fun and humorous as well. The love scenes are steamy but perhaps lacked enough sexual tension leading up to them to really spark for me, but overall, they weren't bad. My main complaint is that things move at warp speed in the relationship department. Adam and Gretchen meet on day one, trust each other enough to go on the run together and end up in bed on day two, and wind up married on day three. Even though the quickie wedding with Elvis officiating was originally meant to appease their new senior friends, they decide to stay married once the danger has passed, which was perhaps a little too much to be entirely believable. But despite that, I can't deny that I was entertained while reading this novella, so it ended up being pretty good after all. Going after Adam can be found in the anthology Bad Boys to Go.


Nancy Warren