Colton's Story

By: Lucy Monroe

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When Colton Denning wakes up next to a naked showgirl in Las Vegas, he has no recollection at all of who she is or what transpired the night before. From the looks of the room, it must have been pretty wild, but not wanting to deal with the awkwardness of a one-night stand he doesn't even remember, he sneaks out before she awakens, only to spend the next six weeks feeling guilty about it and dreaming of her constantly. When the woman from his dreams shows up in Mexico looking for him, claiming to be his wife, Colton is stunned. But when he realizes she's telling the truth, he vows not to let her get away a second time.

Fayre Cranston was completely swept off her feet by Colton's charm, so much so that she agreed to marry him the same night they met. She'd thought he was a sweet guy who was different than the creeps she usually dated, but when she awakened the next morning to find him gone, she figured it was just another bad decision in a string of bad choices where men were concerned. Still, Farye decides to track the jerk down to give him a piece of her mind before asking for a quickie divorce, only to find that their chemistry still burns hot. Fayre wants to believe Colton when he starts saying sweet things again, but can she really trust a man who can't even remember marrying her?


"Colton's Story" is the final novella of three connected stories about three half-brothers. In this one, we have the youngest brother, Colton, who was only recently found by his two older brothers but has been welcomed into their lives and business dealings. Before heading to Luna Island where he heads up the lithium mining operation for the family electronics business, Colton takes a holiday in Las Vegas, where a drunken night (he doesn't usually drink and is a total lightweight when it comes to alcohol) ends with him waking up next to a stranger. He later discovers that he married her, when Fayre, his new wife, comes looking for him. When Fayre realizes Colton doesn't remember anything about her or getting married, she figures she simply made yet another bad choice in men. Colton decides to own up to his responsibilities, but he has his work cut out for him convincing her that he's sincere.

I absolutely adored Colton. Yeah, he walked out on Fayre the morning after, because he didn't remember who she was and that he'd married her in a drunken haze and didn't want to deal with the awkwardness of it all. But he ended up spending the next six weeks dreaming about her almost every night and felt guilty enough about it that he'd planned to go back to Vegas to try to find her again as soon as he got a break from work. Despite first appearances, he also wasn't a player and had a more serious side when it came to relationships, which I loved. I also have to give him major kudos for stepping up to the plate when Fayre comes looking for him. A lot of men probably would have kicked her to the curb and given her the quickie divorce she was asking for, but instead Colton pulls out all the stops to cherish her in every way he possibly can and treat her like a princess.

I really liked Fayre, too. While she begins the story pretty steamed up, and understandably so, she isn't annoyingly bitchy like some heroines I've read in similar circumstances. Fayre comes from a rough background, but I admired that she'd turned her life around as a chorus girl and had plans to start her own dance studio. Most of all, though, she wanted to be a mother. When Colton starts sweet-talking her again, she wants to believe him, but she's been hurt a lot in the past. However, it doesn't take long for her to melt back into his arms and trust that he truly is the real deal.

"Colton's Story" is an incredibly cute and romantic novella. The reader will definitely have to buy into love-at-first-sight fairy tales to appreciate this story. I have to admit that the insta-love trope often doesn't work for me, but here I was enchanted. Colton is the ultimate Prince Charming, while Fayre resists a little at first, but then eats it up. Their emotional connection is great, while they also share incredible chemistry with love scenes that are full of steamy goodness. Their story was super-sweet and absolutely perfect for me, so it ended up being a superb wrap-up to this anthology in which it's found as well. "Colton's Story" was originally published along with its two companion novellas in the anthology, 3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys, but it has since been republished as a stand-alone ebook, simply titled Colton.


Lucy Monroe


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