Callie's Meadow

By: Maya Banks

Series: Colters' Legacy

Book Number: 1.2

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Eight years after getting married to the Colter brothers, Holly is still happy with her guys. The four of them are raising their three sons, while enjoying being a family. But after Holly's last pregnancy nearly ended in tragedy, Adam, Ethan, and Ryan have no intention of having any more children. Nature has a way of taking over sometime, though, so what will Holly's men think when she tells them that another little bundle of joy is on the way?


I read the older paperback version of Colters' Woman that was published by Samhaim Publishing, and it has a bonus novella in the back that's titled "Colters' Wife." This is where things get a little confusing, though. Apparently the story I read is now titled "Callie's Meadow" and takes place eight years after the end of Colters' Woman, while there's a different novella that takes place just a few months after the end of Colters' Woman that is now the new "Colters' Wife." Sadly I didn't get a chance to read that one, because it appears that both of these novellas are now only available in the newest edition of Colters' Woman. Had I known this, as well as the fact that Maya Banks re-edited and added some new content to Colters' Woman, I probably would have tried to get the newer edition, but alas, I didn't find out until after reading it.

Anyway, as I said, "Callie's Meadow" takes place eight years later, and is basically an extended epilogue for Colters' Woman. It shows us Holly, Adam, Ethan, and Ryan living the HEA, while raising their three little boys. They didn't plan to have another child after Holly experienced frightening complications while giving birth to their youngest, but accidents happen. Holly is nervous about telling her men that she's pregnant again, because she knows they'll be worried sick about her and probably won't be happy about it.

I very much enjoyed this follow-up to the main story. I loved seeing the characters happy down the road and working out their differences in a healthy way. It was also fun to get a peek at Michael, Seth, and Dillon as little boys before they become the very grown up heroes of the next book of the series, Colters' Lady. And we're also introduced to their only daughter, Callie, who becomes the heroine of the third books of the series, Colters' Daughter. In addition, we'll get to see all the characters from these three book in the fourth reunion installment, Colters' Promise. So overall, this was a very enjoyable read. Other than the fact that the heroine is married to three men, there isn't any particularly objectionable content. It's just a sweet slice of family life story.


Maya Banks


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