Mister O

By: Lauren Blakely

Series: Big Rock

Book Number: 2

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Nick Hammer is a successful cartoonist whose popular comic strip, The Adventures of Mister Orgasm, has been made into a late-night animated comedy series. A formerly nerdy, shy guy, he finally discovered his confidence, and he's now a connoisseur of giving ladies ecstatic pleasure. In fact, there's nothing he enjoys more. But no one he's ever dated has tempted him to fall in love or want more than a short-term fling. However, lately, he finds that Harper Holiday is starring in all his sexy fantasies, but she's his best friend sister, which makes her totally off limits. Despite that, he just can't seem to get her off his mind, especially when they start hanging out together as friends. When Nick discovers how awkward Harper appears to be around the opposite sex, especially a particular hot guy, and she asks him for dating advice, he's all too willing to help. But soon dating lessons turn into flirting, sexy texts, and a whole lot more. Then Harper asks for bedroom advice, too, and Nick's a goner. He knows that he doesn't want her using all the things he's teaching her on another guy and that he wants to be the only one sending her into a state of sated bliss, but does she feel the same way? And what about his best friend's threats about dating his sister that still ring in the back of his mind and the changes his jerk of a network executive boss wants to make to his show, both of which could ruin everything just when it's all so perfect?


Mister O is the second book in Lauren Blakely's Big Rock series. Ever since reading and loving Big Rock last year, I've been eager to continue the series. Mister O definitely did not disappoint. In fact, it was equally as good if not slightly better for me than Big Rock. It's a sultry, sexy, romantic comedy about a guy who has the hots for his best friend's sister. Therefore, she's totally off limits. But when she comes to him, asking for dating advice and then a little coaching in the bedroom as well, he can't resist indulging his fantasies with her. But when his feelings start getting more serious than he intended, how can he be certain she feels the same way? And how can he explain to his best friend about all the deliciously naughty nights he's spent with his sister without the guy making good on a long-ago threat? I think I mentioned in my review of Big Rock that I'm very fussy about romantic comedies. I don't read a lot of them, because they often aren't all that funny to me and/or they simply don't engage me on the deeper emotional level that I crave. But this series has is all, and I loved every minute I've spent reading it so far.

The unique thing about this series is that it's written entirely from the first-person male POV, which is pretty rare in romance. I initially wasn't sure if I would like this, but so far, it's worked well for me. In Mister O, our hero and narrator is Nick Hammer, a cartoonist whose popular strip, The Adventures of Mister Orgasm, was turned into a hit, late-night, animated television series. Nick used to be a kind of shy, nerdy guy in high school, but after eventually finding his confidence, he's now a top-notch lover, who craves learning what a woman wants in the bedroom and giving it to her in spades. He's not a total man-whore though. Instead, he is, in his own words, a "serial monogamist." He's had plenty of fun with women. However, none of them have tempted him to make their relationship more permanent. Instead, Harper, his best friend's sister, has been the object of his lusty thoughts ever since she "felt him up" as a joke to freak out her brother, but because of who she is, he considers her off-limits, until they start hanging out together as friends and she asks him to be her dating coach. Soon dating advice turns into flirting, then sexting, and finally Nick just can't resist Harper's charms any longer. Nick is simply perfect in every way. For starters, the way the author describes him (dark hair, short trim beard, glasses, and a hot body) is pretty much my dream guy from a physical perspective. Add to that, his bedroom prowess and his single-minded focus on giving a woman the best orgasms of her life, and he simply makes me swoon. Not to mention, he loves dogs and volunteers at an animal rescue. But underneath that perfection, he can be a little jealous when it appears he's "training" Harper to hand her over to another man. He's also a touch vulnerable and uncertain when he finally realizes he's fallen in love with her and isn't sure if she feels the same way. I wouldn't change a thing about Nick. I absolutely loved him to pieces.

We only see Harper through Nick's eyes, but I loved what I saw. She's a professional magician (a very unique career for a romance heroine), who primarily entertains at children's parties and occasionally at bigger affairs. She's adorkably awkward around a certain hot guy she likes, who's the father of one of the kids she's doing a party for. She's fun, easy-going, and has a great sense of humor, but she doesn't have a lot of experience with either dating or sex. That's why she asks Nick for his help, and she's a very apt pupil.;-) As it turns out, she has no trouble conversing with Nick, or flirty texting him, or talking very naughty in the bedroom with him. Even though Nick has his doubts about her feelings for him and thinks she's just with him to learn how to be sexy and seductive, I could tell that what they were doing meant a lot more to her. And of course, I was rewarded with that knowledge by the end. Harper is also a very giving, unselfish person who not only wants to make all of Nick's sexy dreams come true but who also understands how much his career means to him and wouldn't dream of standing in the way of his success. So I ended up loving Harper almost as much as Nick.

In addition to Nick and Harper, there are some supporting characters who have their own books. First Spencer (Harper's brother and Nick's best friend) and the love of his life, Charlotte (Big Rock) have their nuptials. Nick's brother, Wyatt, and Charlotte's sister, Natalie, who meet at the wedding, become the hero and heroine of the next story, Well Hung. Then Nick's sister, Josie, becomes the heroine of book #4, Full Package. Nick's attorney, Tyler, crosses over to Lauren Blakely's One Love series to become the hero of the third book, The Hot One. Finally, in a note at the back of the book, Ms. Blakely mentions having a book in the works for sexy single dad, Simon, that's supposed to be titled Sweet Irresistible You, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm not sure if the title changed or if it simply hasn't been published yet, but I'll definitely be on the look-out for that one as well.

Overall, I had an absolute blast reading Mister O. It's light and funny without being weird or dorky. It has all the emotion I look for in a romance, and the love scenes are so deliciously hot and sexy, they just might burn your fingers or send your eReader up in flames.;-) Both Nick and Harper were very relatable to me and everything that I look for in a romance hero and heroine. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and hope to see them in future books of the series. With two big winners in a row, Lauren Blakely has secured a spot on my favorite authors list and I can't wait to continue the series and check out her other books.


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