Forever in the Light

By: Laura Kaye

Series: Hearts in Darkness

Book Number: 2.5

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Caden Grayson and Makenna James have weathered through challenges and their love for one another has survived. Now see them put the bow on their happily-ever-after as they walk down the aisle and experience their wedding night in this epilogue to the Hearts in Darkness series.


Forever in the Light is a short story epilogue to the greater story of Caden and Makenna that started in Hearts in Darkness and continued in Love in the Light. It follows them on the day of their wedding, through the ceremony and on into the wedding night. I loved seeing how Makenna's family has come together to fully support them in their journey, and seeing them with their new baby, Sean, was a sweet treat, too. The wedding was lovely and the wedding night very steamy, but what I loved the most are the two little gestures that Caden gives Makenna in between. It was the perfect way to wrap up their love for one another. I highly recommend this story to fans of this couple and best of all, it's free to download on Laura Kaye's website.


Laura Kaye


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