Geniuses, Scholars & Scientists aka Geeks - Heroines

Being something of a geek myself, I can relate to heroines who are very intelligent and/or socially awkward. Some of the heroines on this list may exhibit stereotypical geek-girl qualities (e.g. social awkwardness), but for the most part, they are merely highly intelligent, technically savvy and/or seriously interested in/knowledgeable about a particular subject.

3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys
Against the Odds
Bride Thief, The
Caressed by Ice
Carter's Story
Chemist, The
Companion, The
Devil and Ms. Johnson, The
Devil Takes a Bride
Dream-Hunter, The
Echo of Silence
Family Gathering, The
Gabriel's Rapture
Heart of Gold
Hearts in Darkness
Hidden Heart, The
Jingle Bell Rock
Kinky Xmas Carol, A
Lady of the Lake, The
Love Beyond Time, A
Lover Unbound
Mad Earl's Bride, The
Nate's Anatomy
Not So Tiny Tim
Nutcracker Sweet, The
One with the Night
Riding the Storm
Sleepless at Midnight
Three Weddings and a Kiss
Touch of Darkness, A
Wastrel, The (Harlequin Historical #344)
When a Man Loves a Woman
When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys