The Exterminator's Daughter

By: Meg Cabot

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When Mary's best friend falls under the spell of a boy who isn't really a boy at all, she knows she must kill the guy to keep her friend safe. But just as she's about to do the deed, she's interrupted by a turn of events that she discovers was brought about by Adam, a real boy from her history class. With no other option, she must initiate Adam into her world of hunting and slaying evil creatures, that up until now, he thought were only found in fictional stories. However, he proves to be a surprisingly quick study, as well as a really good prom date and partner in her quest to rid the world of evil.


"The Exterminator's Daughter" is roughly a novelette-length, stand-alone story about Mary, a teenage girl, whose best friend has fallen under the spell of boy, who isn't really a boy at all. Therefore, Mary follows them with the intent of killing this creature who presents a danger to her friend. She tracks them to a club where she nearly has a clear shot, only to be interrupted by Adam, a boy who is one of her classmates. Although Mary finds Adam attractive she never thought they would ever go out, but he ends up being a surprising ally in her fight against evil and an equally surprising prom date.

This is a really cute story that I enjoyed. Mary is relatable as a shy and awkward girl, while Adam is sweet and supportive even though he's quickly initiated into a world he never knew existed. They end up being a great team. The main aspect of the plot surrounding Mary's friend was resolved, but another not insignificant plot point was left hanging. I had hoped that perhaps this story was part of a series of shorts or a prequel to something longer, but sadly it doesn't appear that it is. However, Mary and Adam fit together so well that I could see them ending up together long-term and successfully fighting to right the wrongs in her past by taking down the evil baddies. "The Exterminator's Daughter" was my first foray into Meg Cabot's writing, and I really enjoyed her style. I found it to be quite accessible and entertaining, making me very much look forward to checking out more of her work. "The Exterminator's Daughter" can be found in the anthology Prom Nights from Hell.


Meg Cabot


G/PG-Rated Romance