Bitches of the Night

By: Nancy Kilpatrick

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Istvan is a centuries-old vampire who, over the years, was tempted into turning three different human women into his vampire brides. However, they no longer bring him any joy and instead drive him crazy, leaving him eager to get them out of the house each night. One evening, as Istvan is settling in for some peace and quiet, he can't find several of his things, which only makes him that much more annoyed with his wives, so he follows them to the Vampire Lounge to give them a piece of his mind. There he meets an attractive goth girl who tempts him to change her as well, and he can't help thinking that perhaps she'll be the one to finally make him happy. But before he can make up his mind whether to do it, the tables are turned on him.


"Bitches of the Night" is a stand-alone short story told from the POV of a centuries-old vampire named Istvan. Over the years, he turned three different women and took them all as his vampire brides, but now they all drive him crazy. The only things they seem to do are bicker, spend his money, and leave messes around the house, making him eager to have them go out each night so that he can have some peace and quiet. On one such night, after not being able to find several of his things, Istvan follows them to the Vampire Lounge, intending to let them have it, but along the way, he meets an attractive goth girl who arouses his attention. When his brides tell him the girl is a birthday gift for him, he's hungry and knows he should probably just drain her of blood and be done with it, but he can't help wondering if he turned her, whether she might finally be the woman he could live with. But before he makes up his mind, the tables are turned on him.

I found this to be a rather amusing story, although given how annoying Istvan's brides are, I couldn't help feeling sorry for the guy. The mythology was slightly different than other vampire stories I've read. Most vampires are youthful and vital throughout their long lives, but Istvan is aging and apparently unable to "perform" anymore, which only made me more sympathetic. I'm not sure if I was supposed to feel this way, but I did. This was a better story than many of the others in the Blood Lite anthology where it's found. Although not quite exciting enough to make me eager to check into the author's other work, it was still good for about an hour of entertainment.


Nancy Kilpatrick