An On Dublin Street Christmas

By: Samantha Young

Series: On Dublin Street

Book Number: 1.1

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Braden Carmichael and Jocelyn Butler share their first Christmas together as a couple, exchanging meaningful gifts and spending time with family.


An On Dublin Street Christmas is a holiday-themed short story featuring Braden and Jocelyn that takes place nearly a year after the close of their story in On Dublin Street. It's the first Christmas they've actually spent together, since they were broken up during the previous holiday season. Jocelyn recalls the sexy way in which Braden woke her up that morning. Then they exchange meaningful gifts with each other, followed by a family celebration at Ellie's parents' house. This was a pretty short story of only about six pages, but I enjoyed seeing Braden and Jocelyn a while after their HEA, still going strong. It was also nice to see that Jocelyn has made progress on her issues and although she still misses her family, it's become a little easier for her to see photos of them and remember the good times. I particularly like the thoughtful gifts that Braden gave her. Overall, this was a nice little extra for fans of the series. An On Dublin Street Christmas is available as a free online read or it can be found in the anthologies On Dublin Street: The Bonus Material and On Dublin Street: The Novellas.


Samantha Young


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