Game Night

By: Darah Lace

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Salena Martin faithfully attends game night at her best friend and neighbor's house every week. While she doesn't really enjoy sports, she does enjoy ogling her friend's brother-in-law, Trevor Branson. The sexy firefighter has been the star of her intimate fantasies for as long as she's known him, but seeing the way he flirts with other women, she doesn't want to pursue something with him, only to get her heart broken. Little does she know, though, that Trevor has the hots for her as well and is finding it increasingly difficult to stay away from her. After what seemed like a brush-off following a game night, he thinks she's not interested. But when he takes some left-over food from the party over to her house and finds her naked in the kitchen with her hand stuck in the garbage disposal, where she was retrieving one of her new Ben Wa balls, the sexual tension between them leads to a five-alarm blaze in the bedroom.


Game Night is a steamy stand-alone short story of about thirty-five pages. Salena and Trevor have known each other for a long time. He's her best friend and neighbor's brother-in-law, and they see one another almost every week at game night. Salena doesn't really care anything about sports, but she attends just to see Trevor. She's seriously attracted to him, and the hot firefighter has been the star of all her sexy fantasies for a while. However, she thinks that he's just a player and doesn't want to get her heart broken. What she doesn't know, though, is that Trevor has it just as bad for her, but when he flirts with her a bit following a game night and she gives him the brush-off, he thinks she's not interested. While cleaning up after the party, all the food won't fit in the fridge, so Trevor takes some of the left-overs next door only to find Salena naked in her kitchen with her hand stuck in the garbage disposal. Once he frees her, the sexual tension is too much to ignore anymore, leading to a very steamy night.

Game Night is a brain-meltingly hot, erotic romance that was a lot of fun to read. It's mostly one long sex scene, but it's generally well-done and certainly kept me engaged throughout. I like that Salena and Trevor have known and had the hots for each other for a while. It made their quick trip to the bedroom a lot more believable and enjoyable. The ending definitely has an HFN vibe, rather than an HEA, but given the brevity of the story, it made sense. There are no unrealistic declarations of love, only a tacit agreement to keep seeing each other. But given how hot their chemistry is, I could see them making it for the long haul. There were a few minor things that kept the story from earning the full five stars from me. The first was that Trevor is described twice as having long sideburns that go down his jaw. That was an image I had to scrub from my mind's eye, because all I could think of were muttonchops. While this look may have worked for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, it's decidedly not a sexy look for the general male populace. LOL! Also, a little of the descriptive language used during the love scene was a bit flowery and inching toward purple prose territory, and lastly there were some editing issues (typos, missing words, continuity problems), which really should have been caught by the editor/proofreader that were a bit distracting. Otherwise, Game Night was a very enjoyable read. It was my first by Darah Lace, but has definitely whetted my appetite to try more of her work.

Note: This book contains explicit language and sexual content, including light bondage, sex toys, and anal sex, that could be objectionable to sensitive readers.


Darah Lace