Short Term

By: Daniel Pyle

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Henderson is an aging burglar/killer who breaks into a house, but his short-term memory issues cause him problems as he makes his way through the house and meets up with its inhabitants.


"Short Term" is a stand-alone short story about an aging guy who is perhaps a burglar and probable a serial killer-it wasn't entirely clear-with short term memory issues as though he's starting to develop dementia. He breaks into a house, but once inside, he can't recall certain things. This made for a mildly amusing story, but I have to admit that I was a little confused by its inclusion in the Blood Lite III: Aftertaste anthology where it's found. All of the other stories I've read in it so far have some sort of supernatural element, so I was waiting for a reveal at the end that this guy was perhaps a supernatural creature, but nothing of that nature occurred. I guess it was just a straight-up suspenseful horror story with a little humor. Overall, it was an okay read, but nothing too exciting.


Daniel Pyle