Where's My Teddy?

By: Jez Alborough

Series: Eddy and the Bear

Book Number: 1

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Eddie lost his teddy, Freddie, in the woods. When he goes looking for the little bear, he finds a huge one instead. Eddie can't figure out how his teddy grew so big or how he's possibly going to get him home. Then he meets a huge real bear whose beloved teddy shrank too small for him to cuddle anymore. It looks like a case of mistaken identity in this cute, comedic story.


Where's My Teddy? is the adorable tale of a little boy named Eddie who loses his teddy bear in the woods. When he goes back, looking for it, he instead finds a huge teddy. While trying to figure out how his teddy grew so big, he hears crying and encounters a real bear who's upset that his teddy shrank to a tiny size. The two are scared to death of each other but all's well that ends well, when they both get their own beloved teddies back. This was a cute, hilarious story that was really fun to read. The illustrations are great, too, really bringing to life the humor of the situation. As a relatively new grandma, I'm always on the lookout for books that I can share with my grandkids. I think this is a story that should delight them as well as all young readers. It's the first in a series about these two characters called Eddy and the Bear, and after this enjoyable reading experience, I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for the other books in the series.


Jez Alborough