The Man Who Could Not Be Bothered to Die

By: Norman Prentiss

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While enjoying a quiet, ordinary evening at home with his dog, Tony is visited by members of his family, his friends, and others, who are staging an intervention. Tony happens to be dead and they really want him to move on to the afterlife, but can he let go of his life on Earth that ended prematurely?


"The Man Who Could Not Be Bothered to Die" is a stand-alone short story about Tony who is enjoying a quiet evening at home when a group of his family, friends, and other acquaintances show up at his door, staging an intervention. They really want him to give up the ghost and move on to the afterlife. The title of the piece pretty much says it all. Almost from the first page, it's obvious that Tony is actually a corpse who is still walking around "alive." He's just so wrapped up in "living," enjoying his life which tragically ended prematurely, and wanting to know what happens next in his favorite TV shows that he just can't move on. I think this was a clever metaphor for people's busy lives and how if given the chance like Tony, we simply might not let go of our lives when it's our time. Overall, this was an amusing little story that made me smile. "The Man Who Could Not Be Bothered to Die" can be found in the anthology Blood Lite III: Aftertaste.


Norman Prentiss