The Last Demon

By: Don D'Ammassa

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Ogerak the Off-putting is bored with his life in hell. As the last demon to be "born," he didn't get a cool name or any of the super-scary features that the older demons have. He's butt-ugly but can still pass for human, so he decides to venture into the human realm while the bridge between worlds is open. But Ogerak has never been amongst humans before, so trying to acclimate and learn their customs becomes confusing to him. When three other demons show up to take Ogerak back to hell, he's more than ready to leave, but things don't quite go as planned.


"The Last Demon" is a stand-alone short story about Ogerak the Off-putting, the last demon to be "born." As such, he missed out on all the cool names and demon features, so although quite ugly, he can pass for human. Bored with his tedious existence in hell, he sneaks through a portal into the human world while evil human souls are traversing onto his usual turf. Ogerak has never been to the human realm, so he has trouble adjusting to life there. Three other demons come searching for him to return him to hell, and by the time they find him, Ogerak is more than ready to leave this confusing world and go home. But things don't entirely go as planned. Overall, this was a fun, humorous story. I had several chuckles reading about Ogerak trying to acclimate to the human world. He's definitely off-putting, but in a genuinely funny way, which made this a very amusing read."The Last Demon" can be found in the anthology Blood Lite III: Aftertaste.


Don D'Ammassa