Quid Pro Quo

By: Aleksandr Voinov, L. A. Witt

Series: Market Garden

Book Number: 1

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For the last six months, Jared has been selling sex at Market Garden, an upscale London club that caters to the well-off, to help pay his bills while attending college. In the weeks prior to the Christmas holiday, business has been in a slump, leaving Jared worried about making rent. But he decides to make the best of the quiet time by chatting up the confident, charming Tristan, who he's had a crush on for nearly as long as he's worked at the club. As the two are getting to know each other better, they're approached by a john who teases them with a fat wallet and makes a special request to watch the two of them together. Jared can hardly believe that he's going to live out his lust-fueled fantasies with Tristan. The experience turns out to be more than Jared ever could have hoped for as he becomes the pawn in a sexy power play game that Tristan engages in with the john. But will it only last for the one night?


Quid Pro Quo is a short story and the first in L. A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov's Market Garden series that follows a group of rentboys at a high-class London club of the same name. In this one, we have Jared and Tristan. Jared has been working at Market Garden for six months to supplement his income while attending college, while Tristan is an old hand at the trade. Jared has been crushing on Tristan almost as long as he's been at the club, but always thought Tristan was out of his league. In the weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday, business has been slow, which has really been pinching Jared's budget. On a particularly slow night, Jared decides to chat up Tristan, and just as they're starting to get to know one another better, a businessman approaches with a fat wallet and a special request: he wants to watch Tristan and Jared get it on together. The money the job promises would be more than welcome, but even more importantly Jared can hardly believe that he's finally going to be able to live out all his sexy fantasies with Tristan. But will it only be for the one night?

This story is written entirely from Jared's third-person perspective, but I really liked both him and Tristan. Jared seems a little more on the quiet and sweet side, while Tristan is the charismatic charmer with confidence to spare. Although Jared's been seriously attracted to Tristan for a while, he never thought he'd ever have a chance with a guy like him, so the john's proposal is a welcome one that leaves Jared determined to enjoy every minute of their interactions in case it's a one-shot deal. Admittedly this story is very short with Tristan and Jared's relationship barely getting off the ground, so we don't learn a great deal about their backgrounds. It's mostly all about the sex, but I'm hardly complaining, because it was extremely well-written and deliciously steamy. It ends on more of an HFN vibe, which might have downgraded my rating a bit, except that I already know there are two more stories in the series that are all about these two men, the next one, Take It Off, and the sixth one, Payoff. That being the case this one simply whetted my appetite to read more about Tristan and Jared's developing relationship as well as learn more about the other guys at the club. So all in all, Quid Pro Quo was a short, sexy tease that left me begging for more.;-)

Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, including voyeurism/exhibitionism, sex work, power play, and a little MMM menage action, which could be objectionable to sensitive readers.


L. A. Witt

Aleksandr Voinov