An On Dublin Street Halloween

By: Samantha Young

Series: On Dublin Street

Book Number: 1.2

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Jocelyn Butler goes to Fire, her fiance, Braden Carmichael's nightclub, on Halloween evening dressed in costume, hoping to lure him into a little sexy, fun time on his big office desk. But some costumed ne'er-do-wells create a bit of trouble that could derail their plans.


"An On Dublin Street Halloween" is a short story of about four pages in Samantha Young's On Dublin Street series. It features Braden and Jocelyn as they celebrate their first Halloween together as an engaged couple. Jocelyn goes to Braden's club, Fire, dressed in costume, wondering if he'll recognize her and hoping for some sexy, fun time on his big office desk. But their plan for passion goes a little awry when some costumed ne'er-do-wells show up trying to be cute but causing a bit of chaos.

This was a fun, playful story that showcased Braden and Jocelyn just having a good time. Even getting slimed doesn't ruin their evening. They simply go with the flow and rearrange their plans, and I liked how Jocelyn got revenge. There are no actual on-page love scenes, but plenty of sexual tension between these two soulmates. Overall, this was a really enjoyable read that was a great way to catch up with this couple. "An On Dublin Street Halloween" is available as a free online read or it can be found in the anthologies On Dublin Street: The Bonus Material and On Dublin Street: The Novellas.


Samantha Young