A Misadventure to Call Your Own

By: Adrian Ludens

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You wake up to your one-night stand trying to blackmail you, which leads to you accidentally causing her death. Then you learn of your uncle's demise, which might present the perfect opportunity to dispose of the body. The choices you make will determine whether you get away with murder.


"A Misadventure to Call Your Own" is a stand-alone short story about a guy who got drunk and cheated on his One True Love. When he awakens the next morning, the woman he was with starts trying to blackmail him. He accidentally kills her, and needing to cover it up, he comes up with a plan to get rid of the body, which involves his dead uncle's funeral. Given that this story is composed in second-person, present-tense, a style I don't think I've ever read before, I was a little skeptical I would like it when I first started, but it ended up being enjoyable. Written like one of those old Choose Your Own Adventure books, I thought this story was very cleverly plotted. Admittedly the reader doesn't actually get to choose from the options presented, but it was still a fun read anyway. This one got a few chuckles out of me and the ending was chef's-kiss perfection. "A Misadventure to Call Your Own" can be found in the anthology Blood Lite III: Aftertaste.


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