The Wedding Auction

By: Celia Yeary

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Colton Rains returns to town to find the woman he loves about to auction off her hand in marriage to the highest bidder. When Mary Etta's father died he willed her his ranch, but now she says there was a provision in the will stating that she had to be married by a certain date, that being the next day, in order to keep it. Now all Colton has to do is convince Mary Etta that his offer is the very best one.


At a scant 8 pages, The Wedding Auction is little more than a reading snack. With the story being so brief, there wasn't really any room for character or relationship development, so I appreciated that the author established a prior connection between Colton and Marry Etta as friends and childhood sweethearts. On the outside, Mary Etta presents the picture of a tomboy, dressed in men's clothes and sporting a revolver on her hip, that is at odds with her small stature, sweet voice and romantic heart. Colton is an alpha cowboy and a man who isn't about to let a bunch of yahoos take away "his woman." I thought that Mary Etta took a big chance putting herself up on the auction block, but I can't really fault her too much since it all worked out in the end. The story had a nice romantic HEA ending and just enough sexual tension to create an good connection between the characters, but it is a sweet romance with no objectionable content. The Wedding Auction gave me a nice sample of Celia Yeary's writing style that has left me open to reading more from her. Overall, not bad for a free quickie read, but not quite enough to fill me up either. The Wedding Auction is available as a free e-book download at The Wild Rose Press.


Celia Yeary


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