It's the Bear!

By: Jez Alborough

Series: Eddy and the Bear

Book Number: 2

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Eddie's mom wants to go on a picnic in the woods, but the last time Eddie ventured into the forest, he saw a huge bear. Mom insists that the only bear in these woods is Eddie's teddy, Freddie, but when mom realizes she forgot the blueberry pie for dessert and leave Eddie alone, who should come along but Bear who happens to be very hungry!


It's the Bear! is the second book in Jez Alborough's Eddy and the Bear children's book series. In this one, Eddie is about to go on a picnic with his mom, but he's afraid to enter the forest because of the big bear he saw there once. She tells him that there are no bears in this forest, but Eddie isn't quite convinced. After setting out their picnic, Mom realizes she forgot the blueberry pie and runs home to get it, leaving Eddie alone. Along comes Bear, and this time, he's very hungry!

I loved the first book of the series, Where's My Teddy?, so I was excited to read this follow-up story. It wasn't quite as hysterical as the first one, but it's still very cute. There's a touch of suspense as Eddie hides from Bear that will keep little ones on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen if Bear finds him. For Bear's part, he's mostly focused on the food, so he's not as afraid of Eddie this time. As with the first book, the illustrations are very well done, showing the proper of amount of terror and surprise for Eddie and Bear's excitement at having found a feast. Overall, this was a very good sequel that I'd recommend for young ones who like humorous or slightly suspenseful stories.


Jez Alborough