Dog People

By: Ruby Bartek

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Rosie just had to put her beloved dog, Daisy, to sleep, and no one, not even her sisters who have always been close, seem to understand her pain. Maybe Mark, the handsome guy from her favorite coffee shop, will know just the right thing to do to make her feel better.


When I read the synopsis for Dog People, I thought I would like it, and I wasn't the least bit disappointed. As with most e-book quickies like this, I wish they could last longer, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. Being an animal lover and having recently lost a pet myself, I could really relate to the main character, Rosie, and the story in general. I sometimes feel like most people I know don't understand my attachment to my animals either. I thought it was sweet what Mark did to lift Rosie's spirits and finally get a conversation going between them. In spite of the brevity of the story, I could see these two making a good match, and living happily ever after. Dog People was a heartwarming tale and a fun way to spend a few minutes of my reading time. It was written in first-person perspective, so readers who are bothered by that may want to skip it, but anyone else, especially animal lovers, should take a moment to download this little 4-page nugget from The Wild Rose Press. It's free, so there's really nothing to loose. Dog People was my first read by Ruby Bartek, but it certainly leaves me open to trying more of her work.


Ruby Bartek


Amazing Animals
G/PG-Rated Romance