Stuffing: A Thanksgiving Tale

By: Sierra Dafoe

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Shell is seriously ticked off at her husband, Steve, for waiting until the day before Thanksgiving to tell her that his family is coming for dinner. While Shell is up to her elbows stuffing the turkey, Steve decides to soften her up with his own ideas about "stuffing".


Stuffing: A Thanksgiving Tale is a six-page erotic e-book "quickie" and as one might expect with a sizzling story that is this short, it was pretty much about the sex. At least the couple is married, so there is a prior connection, but the only emotion I really felt emanating off the page was Shell's anger at her husband. Granted she had a very good reason for being upset with him and he did soften her up by the end of the story, but when the female lead is mentally calling her husband every name in the book and entertaining fantasies of divorce and/or murder, it doesn't go a long way toward fostering romantic feelings. Depending on the reader's viewpoint though, one might find it quite funny rather than hostile. The love scene was pretty steamy, and I definitely have to say that I wouldn't mind being warmed up that way while cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but preferably not after my husband has done something TSTL like Steve did.;-) Admittedly, this little e-book is written in first-person perspective though, so I didn't get Steve's take on the situation, and he certainly redeemed himself by the end. I also noticed that the author had a tendency to write in run-on sentences, but maybe that was to emphasize Shell's feelings and make the first-person narration seem more conversational. I hope Ms. Dafoe doesn't write this way all the time or that would get pretty annoying to read. Stuffing was my first story by her, and it left me open to possibly trying more. Overall, it was a fairly pleasant way to spend a few minutes of reading time, and since it was a free download from Samhain Publishing I certainly can't complain.;-)

Note: This story contains explicit language which some readers may find offensive.


Sierra Dafoe